We don’t predict the future. We create it.

What does it mean to create the future? At Raytheon Technologies, it means taking risks and accelerating ideas to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. It means the brightest, most innovative minds working from a unique vantage point that spans the full spectrum of aviation, space and defense.

Together, we form an unrivaled a在线视频v视频. Across our businesses, nearly 200,000 engineers, researchers and visionaries come together to push the limits of known science and redefine how we connect and protect our world. Together, we are advancing aviation, building smarter defense systems and creating innovations to take us deeper into space. That is the future of aerospace and defense.

Transformative technologies

Futuristic city skyline with digital data overlays

The merger of Raytheon and United Technologies combined two companies with distinctive legacies in transformative technologies. Raytheon Technologies will continue building on that history as we shape the future of air travel, global defense and space exploration.

Materials and downloads

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