The cutting-edge of defense

As domains converge and connect, new threats and opportunities emerge. By giving our service members every advantage for operational success, we create a safer world for our nation and global partners. It is this mission that drives our relentless innovation in defense technology.

With our integrated expertise and capabilities, Raytheon Technologies is uniquely positioned to give our customers the advantage in the future connected battlespace.

Solving the toughest challenges

We draw on decades of investment in technology to protect our world today and tomorrow. Here's how …

Two of a kind

Raytheon Technologies is applying its decades of hypersonic expertise to develop end-to-end systems to protect the nation and its allies.

All about the F-35

The F-35 is the world's most advanced military system — a stealthy, single-engine fighter jet platform built to survive missions deep in hostile territory. Raytheon Technologies products play a part in nearly everything it does.

AI assists with better battlefield intel

AH-64 Apache helicopter gunnery training

For future battlefield operations, speed is the name of the game. The side that can make decisions faster has the advantage.

Our capabilities

Our defense technologies, used for missile warnings, surveillance, air dominance, fighter jet platforms, hypersonics, cyber security, and beyond, are essential for global security.

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