Always looking beyond the horizon

Whether at the airport, in the aircraft or in the sky, we are redefining aviation for safer, more efficient flight. We’re building the technology today to meet the needs of tomorrow’s more information-driven and connected aviation ecosystem.

From developing a在线视频v视频less passenger experiences and eco-aviation solutions, to preparing tomorrow’s skies for new aircraft yet to takeoff, we bring knowledge and technologies together from across our a在线视频v视频 to connect and advance the future of air travel.

Solving the toughest challenges

We push the limits of science to help move flight forward. Here's how ...

A critical moment

A woman standing in an airport wearing a face mask
Commercial air travelers have a right to health and safety — especially in the era of COVID-19. We're working with the aviation industry to meet the challenge.

A look ahead

The future of air travel
They call it a "frictionless journey." It's our long-term vision for using weather data, remote air towers and biometrics for a fully optimized, hassle-free flight. 

A foundation for the future

The FAA wants to overhaul its information systems and networks. Collins Aerospace and Raytheon Intelligence & Space are uniquely qualified for the job.

Our capabilities

Our aviation technologies, used for airports, flight systems, commercial engines, control tower services, airport services, and beyond, are essential for global commerce.

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